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SolKana offers a premium selection of fast cannabis seeds for growers who value speed without compromising on quality. Whether you’re an impatient cultivator eager for quick harvests or simply want to experiment with a shorter cultivation cycle, our fast-growing seeds promise to deliver exceptional results in record time. Explore our handpicked collection of top genetics, and experience the satisfaction of rapid cultivation.

Why Choose Fast Seeds?

Our fast-flowering hybrids are some of the quickest-flowering cannabis strains available. These plants have been carefully bred to have accelerated growth rates, allowing you to achieve a bountiful harvest in a much better time compared to regular varieties.

Fast seeds are ideal for northern climates with shorter summers. They’re especially beneficial to outdoor cultivators looking to produce harvests in a shorter timeframe to avoid climate-related issues. Additionally, shorter flowering times can help reduce the risk of mold/fungus when growing outdoors. And, above all else, fast seeds are ideal as they allow for multiple harvests per season.

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